Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar
Island restaurant in Camp de Mar

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Talks continue about improving road access to resort

The journey by road from Palma is fairly uneventful until exiting the Son Vich tunnel. It's then that you get your first glimpse of Camp de Mar in the distance as the Ma-1 snakes its way down to the turn-off.

Unfortunately, this junction is one of the more dangerous ones in Mallorca, being at the lower end of the curved road that descends from Andratx. Consequently left turning traffic, especially the long tourist coaches, have to cross the path of fast moving vehicles coming down the hill.

To alleviate this problem, the authorities have restarted talks in an effort to approve plans for a roundabout. This would improve road safety for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

We look forward to its completion.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Island restaurant under threat of demolition

News reaches us that Camp de Mar's world famous Illetas Bar & Restaurante could be demolished.

A Supreme Court ruling obtained by the authority in Madrid responsible for public beaches throughout Spain affects beachbars - Chiringuitos, especially those of a permanent nature. The new law requires such structures to be removable at the end of the holiday season.

As the 54 year old island restaurant is not, it faces demolition.

The regional environment ministry has enquired of Madrid about the legality of Camp de Mar's key tourist feature, and over a dozen others around Mallorca, so keep watching this space.