Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar
Island restaurant in Camp de Mar

Friday, 7 June 2019

Building works underway... more planned

We're sorry to report that the construction of the new megahotel is well underway, and that large swathes of land behind the golf course - on the popular path to Peguera - have disappeared as the earth movers and diggers go about their business.

Consequently, noise, dust and numerous lorry movements dominate the village.

This video courtesy of Diario de Mallorca shows what's going.

The local council are also continuing plans to build a roundabout on the main road to Andratx to ease the problem of vehicles turning into and out of Camp de Mar across fast moving traffic. Local landowners have been up in arms about the compulsory annexation of their land for the project, which is up for tender soon.

The council are also looking to locate a municipal depot in Camp de Mar, and there is speculation about permission for a boat yard for dry storage of small vessels.

Exciting times ahead.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Massive all-inclusive hotel set to dominate Camp de Mar's hinterland

Zafiro Hotels will be opening their third 'Palace' Hotel - a modern and innovative 5-star hotel providing services designed to allow guests to experience the genuine pleasure of the most unique and privileged holidays - in 2020.

This massive development will feature large gardens and spaces adapted for children of all ages, eleven outdoor swimming pools and two indoor pools and an extensive range of activities both inside and outside the hotel.

The Zafiro Palace Andratx (artist's impression pictured above) is being built beside the Andratx Golf Club.

For more details, visit this dedicated webpage

Thursday, 3 January 2019

We're moving! is moving to a new hosting platform and will be off the air for a while...