Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar
Island restaurant in Camp de Mar

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Outrageous development could go ahead

Plans to construct 11 apartment blocks on land of ecological interest is being strongly opposed by the community in Camp de Mar. 

As planning permission had already been granted by a previous administration, the local government is powerless to stop the construction work due to take place on the dunes behind the beach and located between the Playa Camp de Mar and H10 Blue Mar (formerly the Lido Palace) hotels.

The land under threat
Attempts to overturn the permit have failed, although the developer has requested 34 million Euros in compensation from the Council if they want them stop the project going ahead.

From this figure you can guess that each apartment is expected to be on the market for around half a million Euros each - and possibly joining the scores of other existing empty properties around the area.

Only an unfavourable report by the Director General of Water Resources of the Balearic Government might put paid to the destruction of this unique habitat for thistles and the sea lily.

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